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Marin’s open minds, as long as you’re like-minded

Published Tuesday January 10

The Metallica frontman caused a bit of a brouhaha recently when, in an interview with comedian…

Who would object to someone who grows his own vegetables, gathers honey from his own beehives, and serves his family fresh and organic food?

No one as far as I can tell. It sounds like what lots of people in Marin do.

What if that includes meat from animals he’s raised and slaughtered himself? That should be OK, too; isn’t that what our West Marin ranchers do?

But what if he hunted the animal, say a deer, and brought it home, strapped on the hood of his car, to feed his family? Would that be wrong?

You wouldn’t think so, but you might want to ask James Hetfield.

Which is what one might expect.

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